Why we created EloCrafts? Our Story…

While going through some startups, reading their stories and looking upon their ideas I encountered a thought. The thought then took shape of a goal and that goal motivates me to start this venture.

Weaving, sewing, knitting with hands is not a piece of cake but when it all comes from the heart when your soul plays a vital role then yes, you can do it with such an ease and love that even machinery gets horrified. So that is what basically our people from Swat do. In an era of science and technology where even a small house chore is being done with machines, these artisans are using their skills to handicraft. Nowadays when the main focus is only on the bigger things we thought of going against the flow.

In a so-called “imported product” phase, we came up with an amazing, pleasing and completely PAKISTANI items #madeinPakistan under the banner of ELOCRAFT.

Elocrafts is not an ordinary business, the thought behind its inception is far bigger than just making a profit. Elocrafts refers to an idea where we aim to empower our women in rural areas, to help those with any disability so they won’t depend on anyone. Elocrafts, as the name says will be working as a link, a bridge between artisan and the market.it is a way to connect cultural artwork with other societies.

It started with a golden notion of giving a proper shape to the talent of our folks by providing a platform to them. After a deep analysis of their hard-work and the demand for their work in the market, we decided to be


Apart from the beautiful sights of Swat, the Swati shawls are also of great importance and the most loved thing from Swat. That is not only a piece of cloth actually but the wool and thread weaved with love, affection, hard work, and skills. It would not be wrong if we say that the people of Swat have this skill running in their blood. 

It takes three sweaty hours to weave a normal quality shawl, however, the deluxe shawls are made within a week or so.

The quality of the shawls produced by these people is unmatchable and that is why are loved by not only locals but are demanded in the international market too.

The demand for pashmina shawls of Swat is at peak due to their fine quality, warm touch and high rated stuff. It takes about four weeks to weave a classy and exclusive shawl.

Purely handmade crocheted stuff.

90% of the population is associated with the weaving industry.

The excellence is in the genes of artisans (from ancestors to today’s generation).


Instead of crying over what hasn’t done before and what goes wasted we are trying to make our people blossom again. Traditions and skills are something that can never be vanished as far as only a single artisan exists. So that is what we are doing by the provision of such a track that would lead the talented folks to a path of success and will prove a helping hand in the preservation of tradition.


We believe in providing convenient yet sumptuous items to our customers as your comfort is our priority.