What Swati Shawl actually is?

Swat is a mountainous region in Pakistan famous for the beauty, decorative antiques, lightweight shawls, and hard-working people.

Swati Shawl is an item of clothing that is loosely put over the shoulder and the arms and also to cover head for religious purpose or keep warm. The shawl is basically wrapped that we use to keep out the cold or to add style to an outfit or both. The shawl is mostly a square or a rectangle piece of cloth. Mostly it is 80-110cm wide to 180-210 cm long

Swati shawl is made up of natural fibers such as silk, cashmere, wool, cotton, linen or manmade fibers such as acrylic and polyester, pashmina wool, shahtoosh, yarn scission silk, etc.

The demand for shawl increases, especially in the winter season. If we compare the machine work and handmade work, handmade work is of high demand because they are more beautiful, made of hard work and of lightweight. So many kinds of shawls are available for men, women, desi, colorful. 


It almost takes a village of Swati women to create on pashmina, detailed is the handiwork on delicate thin threads of pure lamb wool. The motifs are inspired by the flowers adorning the plains of the valley and inspired its artisans to create autumn hues and spring blossoms on a dyes canvas of pashmina. A fully worked pashmina is a sight to behold and as intricate as a renaissance painting.