How EloCrafts is empowering women?

A woman’s story of hardship literally starts before her birth. We think that we are moving with time but in the reality, our thinking is static. To live in a society, we need to follow the rules made by society. Living in a country like Pakistan where we have patriarchy system like male holds primary power over the women.

In Pakistan male are privilege of being superior and women are playing submissive role. As this thing is from the nature that women are physically weak, but this thing does not mean that you them good for cooking and not for the cricket call. secondly, women are not allowed to work, they are not allowed to get education only 9% of the girls are in school by ninth grade. means girls are worst affected. there are locked out of education. What people do today is that they talk about feminism, feminism basically is that men and women are equal. but in real means no one follows.

This concept is not only affecting the mental health of women but also physical health. Women are given less opportunity for education than the male. The male dominant society is almost the reason for all the violence against women. we can easily remove this problem from our society by standing together and maintaining equality.

In Islampur, Swat a very small city located in Pakistan, Women do wok at home and support their families with this Shawls business. We are working closely with them to enable the online marketplace opportunity for them to sell their hand made products online. Elocrafts is empowering women by providing them access to the fans and lovers of handicrafts.